Waging a lyrical war against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad

Refugees of Rap use their music to promote regime change in war-torn Syria and to tell the stories of refugees.

#Culture #Europe #France #Immigration #Middle East #Refugees #Syria 

— May 27, 2016

Senegal’s handicrafts: Made in China?

Cheaper Chinese-made products may soon eclipse locally made traditional crafts.

#Africa #Business #China #Economics #Senegal 

— May 10, 2016

Palestinian Syrians: Twice refugees

As refugees continue to flee civil war in Syria, the road to asylum remains difficult for some Syrian-born Palestinians.

#Germany #Immigration #Palestine #Syria 

— March 23, 2016

Welcome to Syrian Berlin

Six sets of Syrians living in six different districts of the German capital explain what being a Berliner means to them.

#Europe #Germany #Immigration #Society #Syria 

— March 03, 2016

Keeping Syrian cinema alive in exile

Syrian filmmakers who fled the war explain how they are keeping their country alive on film.

#Culture #Germany #Immigration #Syria 

— February 22, 2016

Refugees take centre stage at Berlin’s film festival

Special programmes for young refugees use the power of cinema to foster intercultural understanding.

#Culture #Germany #Immigration #Syria 

— February 20, 2016

Taste of home: The enduring popularity of expat food shops

Stepping inside The English Shop, it is easy to forget that you are in Germany.

#Business #Germany #Spain #Zambia 

— February 18, 2016

The Syrian cheese-maker of Bavaria

How a Syrian refugee is bringing a little piece of home to Germany in the form of traditional Syrian cheese.

#Business #Germany #Immigration #Society #Syria 

— February 02, 2016

Is the German city of Cologne shifting to the right?

As the city’s traditionally liberal identity is challenged, we meet those on the right who stand to gain.

#Germany #Immigration #Politics 

— January 30, 2016

Special education for Down Syndrome students in Kenya

Despite changes to Kenya’s education system, Down Syndrome students in public schools still face a different reality than their private school counterparts.

#Education #Kenya 

— November 17, 2015

Environmentalists ramp up resistance to big oil

Environmental groups have become emboldened by their perceived triumph over Shell in the Arctic, in which they refined new tactics. What impact might this decision have on the future green movement in the United States?

#Environment #United States 

— October 08, 2015

Summer camps, NSA style

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has run a summer program with the goal of recruiting the next generation of cyber specialists. The agency is at the center of a controversy over the extent of its surveillance.

#Technology #United States 

— August 31, 2015

Indian Jews: Building Bridges Between India and Israel

As India and Israel ramp up trade, Jews of Indian origin are viewed as the key to forging closer ties. New Delhi has a plan to foster closer connections between Israelis with Indian roots and their ancestral homeland.

#Asia #India #Israel #Judaism #Middle East #Religion 

— August 17, 2015

Indian Muslims stonewalling reform of instant divorce law

Muslim men in India have been divorcing their wives over text message, phone call or even social media websites, due to an ancient Islamic law. A new report shows that Muslim women are fed up.

#Gender #India #Society 

— August 13, 2015

Taking the pulse of nuclear energy

Nuclear power is one of the world’s top energy sources and one of the most contentious. What lies behind the controversy?

#Energy #Japan 

— August 12, 2015

US Climate Rule: Key to Paris Success?

Obama’s recent clean power rule has demonstrated a desire to tackle climate change in the US. It’s a response to public pressure, taking market factors into account. But will this bring results for the Paris conference?

#Environment #Politics #United States 

— August 07, 2015

Uganda Supreme Court rules on bride price

The practice of exchanging money or goods for a bride remains common in Uganda. The country’s highest court has ruled parts of the practice unconstitutional, paving the way for a greater protection of women rights.

#Africa #Gender #Uganda 

— August 06, 2015

Cheap Iranian Oil Not Likely to Harm Renewables

While the Iranian nuclear deal promises to open up Iran’s oil and gas reserves to the world, renewable energy may not be too affected by the oncoming flood. Could this mark a coming of age for renewables?

#Energy #Environment #Iran #United States 

— July 31, 2015

Hacking a Self-driving Car

Cars that don’t require a human being at the steering wheel are set to hit public roads in the near future. But critics worry that owners could become targets of cyber attacks.


— June 23, 2015

Canada’s landmark anti-terror law triggers alarm

Prompted by terrorist attacks Canada’s Conservative government is pushing to expanding the intelligence agencies’ powers. Critics say the new legislation will threaten free speech and the work of journalists.

#Americas #Politics #Terrorism 

— June 09, 2015

France’s growing income inequality problem

Inequality tends to evoke images of poverty-stricken countries, but this issue continues to afflict societies in wealthy nations, including Europe. Amid the backdrop of economic frailty, Europe is now home to the most billionaires in the world.

#Economics #France #Society 

— January 23, 2015

The Future of France’s Jewish Community

After the deadly attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine and the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket, French Jews are conflicted whether to risk life in France or move to Israel.

#Europe #France #Politics #Society 

— January 20, 2015

Paris: The Great Feast. Rich and Poor.

Today, the divide between rich and poor has attained levels unseen since the Great Depression. Welcome to Paris, the city of dreams, where life isn’t as gilded as it seems.

#Europe #France #Society 

— December 06, 2014

The Hustle Napoletano: Chasing the Shadow Economy in Naples

Welcome to Napoli, home of pizza, Camorra and Pompeii (almost). Clichés aside, Naples possesses one of the most bad ass reputations in Europe.

#Economics #Europe #Italy 

Europe at the Auction Block: Behind the TTIP

As all eyes remain fixed on the crisis in Ukraine, the European Union and the United States are in the process of negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), an agreement that could radically alter trade relationship between the two blocs.

#Economics #Europe #United States 

— October 15, 2014

Naples: Europe, Where Art Thou?

We went onto the streets of Naples to discover what young Europeans think about Europe and its institutions, if they feel the presence of the EU, and the future of their continent.

#Europe #Italy #Politics #Video 

— September 17, 2014

Russian Roulette of the EU Asylum System

The likelihood of receiving asylum in the EU is a game of risk that migrants have to play.

#Europe #Politics #Society 

— September 05, 2014

Political Royal Rumble: Boris Johnson vs. Rob Ford

Say what? Boris Johnson challenges Rob Ford’s heavyweight championship as the world’s crudest mayor.

#Britain #Canada #Politics 

— August 11, 2014

A Miracle Nation: The Secret Behind The German Wirtschaftswunder

Let’s have a closer look to find the philosopher’s stone of the German economic success story.

#Europe #Politics 

— August 08, 2014

European Charm: Wooing Georgia and Moldova

Wedged be­tween Putin’s im­pe­r­ial dreams of grandeur and the mod­ern European cheva­lier of human rights, Geor­gia and Moldova find them­selves in a rather pre­car­i­ous sit­u­a­tion of choos­ing be­tween two would-be prince charm­ings.

#Europe #Politics 

— July 22, 2014

Hostage Taking, Piss And Maple Syrup: Immigration in France

What is it really like to immigrate to Europe? At a time when European countries impose ever stricter regulations to restrict migration, the English language editor ventures inside the bowels of the French immigration system.

#France #Immigration 

— July 03, 2014

Canada’s Democratic Deficit

Was the approval of Northern Gateway pipeline an authoritarian move by the Harper government?

#Canada #Environment #Politics 

— June 26, 2014

Between Football and Citizenship: The Strange Case of the Oriundi

Meet the ‘B league’ oriundi, the foreign-born children of Italian immigrants who share the culture and identity of the country of their parents but have forever lost the right to Italian citizenship.


— June 24, 2014

Coronation of the Far-right in Europe

The triumph of far-right political parties has serious implications for migrants in Europe.

#Europe #Politics 

— May 27, 2014

Canada’s Broken Relationship with its Aboriginal Peoples

UN releases damning report about the dire situation of human rights injustices Aboriginal communities face.

#Canada #Society 

— May 23, 2014

Canada, the New Russia?

Will Canada replace Russia as a steady oil and gas supplier amidst sanctions?

#Canada #Energy #Russia 

— May 14, 2014

Lovely Bones: China’s Responsibility to Ban Ivory

Exploring the cheap ivory market in China.

#Africa #China #Environment 

— March 22, 2014

Chronic Violence Against European Women

Although women enjoy unprecedented rights, a new report reveals a massive human rights crisis in the European Union.

#Europe #Society 

— March 15, 2014

Northern Gateway Pipeline: Another Notch in Canada’s Poor Environmental Record

Despite opposition from the public and environmentalists, the government appears to be moving ahead with the project.

#Canada #Environment 

— January 18, 2014

Is Multiculturalism Good for Europe?

Despite its perceived failure, multiculturalism could offer the European Union the best chance to integrate migrants.

#Europe #Society 

— January 02, 2014

Copenhagen: Capital of Happiness

Denmark has once again been voted the happiest country in the world. This is a reputation that makes locals proud and when strolling around Copenhagen’s streets, it’s easy to see that the Danes may just have mastered the secret recipe to happiness.

#Denmark #Travel 

— November 04, 2013

Studying Abroad in Germany

Explore my adventures from Hamburg, Germany as I complete my Masters abroad.

#Germany #Travel 

— October 23, 2013

Geneva: International Appeal, Local Charm

Geneva is one of the most international and multicultural cities in the world. Yet, the city has kept its delightful Swiss charm.

#Switzerland #Travel 

— October 21, 2013

China and Canada Standing on Rocky Ground of Public Opinion with Northern Gateway Pipeline

With the proposal of the controversial Northern Gateway Pipeline, China and Canada are facing negative public opinion on the oil pipeline project.

#Canada #China #Energy 

— October 05, 2013

The Cold Rush for Nunavut’s Mineral Wealth

As environmental warming melts long frozen ice in Nunavut, the front line of climate change is facing a new “cold” rush, a dash for the North’s untapped mineral resources. Nunavut is at the heart of this tug-of-war between economic development and environmental devastation. The Inuit, the people who call the Arctic home, are in the […]

#Canada #Energy #Environment #Society 

— October 03, 2013

Andorra: Heart of the Pyrenees

An alpine nation wedged between France and Spain, Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Haven’t heard about this tiny principality? That doesn’t bother Andorrans so much.


— September 09, 2013

Stockholm, Frozen in Time

Stockholm’s history is everywhere and its oldest structures are better preserved than in most European capitals. When strolling along Nybroplan, one of Stockholm’s ports, one can almost imagine when Vikings ruled this region.

#Sweden #Travel 

— September 02, 2013

Lyon: Culinary Pleasures

Lyon, France’s most understated city. France’s third-largest city has a rich culinary tradition and is the hometown of some of France’s most renowned chefs: Paul Bocuse, Mère Brazier, not to mention the plethora of famous French Michelin chefs who have worked here.

#France #Travel 

— August 26, 2013

Student Life in Uppsala

Are you curious about how to imitate a real Swedish student? It takes a bit of practice to be immersed in Uppsala’s vibrant student culture. Here is a road map to help even the most culturally naïve navigate a day in the life of a student at Uppsala University.

#Sweden #Travel 

— August 19, 2013

Munich, Bavarian Style

“Oans, zwoa, g’suffa!” shouts the man sitting behind me as he downs a beer. Dressed head to toe in lederhosen while singing Bavarian drinking songs, clearly, he is proud to be Bavarian. This isn’t an uncommon scene in Munich, Bavaria’s capital.

#Germany #Travel 

— August 05, 2013

Top 5 Adventures in Paris

Paris: a city can’t get more famous.

#France #Travel 

— July 01, 2013

The Lens Project: Blogging for Denmark

Welcome to Linsen Projektet. Kait Bolongaro captures her Danish experiences through the lens of a camera. Peer into the life of a foreigner studying, travelling and working around Denmark.

#Denmark #Travel 

— October 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Puts His Foot in His Mouth. Again.

Another week, another catastrophe for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. This time, the wannabe president has found himself in hot water with Hispanic voters.

#Politics #United States 

— September 25, 2012

White Supremacy Groups Ignored as Terrorist Threats

Muslim communities, especially in urban centres, are under constant surveillance and every person—man, woman and child—is a suspect. In their fanatical effort to harass people marked by differences, it seems US military, police and law makers have ignored those who are the biggest terrorism organizations in the US: white supremacist groups.

#Politics #Terrorism #United States 

— September 21, 2012

Akin Gate: A Play-by-Play

It’s been a rough week for conservatives in the United States. The Republican Party has been in damage control overdrive after Akin Gate and its ensuing backlash have shot women’s reproductive issues to the forefront of the US political debate.

#Gender #Politics #United States 

— September 06, 2012

Hallelujah! Lawsuit against Obamacare Thrown Out

Seven states and some religious organizations filed a lawsuit against Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act in an attempt to block the provision that requires employers to provide insurance policies that pay for contraception. Their quack suit was swiftly thrown out of court.

#Health #Politics #United States 

— July 31, 2012

The Right to Give: Lesbians Allowed to Donate Blood in China

As of July 1st, the Chinese Ministry of Health announced that lesbians are finally allowed to donate blood after a fourteen-year ban. China had been following regulations set in place in 1998 and at the time, the legislation equated being LGBTQ with HIV and AIDS.

#China #Health 

— July 16, 2012

Anti-Bullying App to Promote Homosexuality?

In June, Premier Christy Clark announced that the BC government is spending $2 million dollars on a new 10 step anti-bullying program. ERASE Bullying (Expect Respect and a Safe Education) is to be implemented across the province in September. The strategy is high-tech and includes a smartphone app that will allow kids to report bullying […]

#Canada #Politics #Society 

— July 10, 2012

Obamacare Leaves Nothing to Be Complained About

After two years of political strife, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. In a five to four vote, the justices upheld the law in its entirety because of the government’s right to impose taxes.

#Health #Politics #United States 

— July 03, 2012

Miss Representation | Power and Portrayal

In an industry where all genders, but especially women, are stereotyped, Miss Representation challenges us to think critically about how women are portrayed in media.

#Culture #United States 

— October 30, 2011

Defining America’s Latino Experiences

American TV network giant HBO has recently released The Latino List, a film that explores being Latino in the United States.

#Culture #United States 

— October 14, 2011