Hallelujah! Lawsuit against Obamacare Thrown Out

Seven states and some religious organizations filed a lawsuit against Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act in an attempt to block the provision that requires employers to provide insurance policies that pay for contraception. Their quack suit was swiftly thrown out of court.

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— July 31, 2012

The Right to Give: Lesbians Allowed to Donate Blood in China

As of July 1st, the Chinese Ministry of Health announced that lesbians are finally allowed to donate blood after a fourteen-year ban. China had been following regulations set in place in 1998 and at the time, the legislation equated being LGBTQ with HIV and AIDS.

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— July 16, 2012

Obamacare Leaves Nothing to Be Complained About

After two years of political strife, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. In a five to four vote, the justices upheld the law in its entirety because of the government’s right to impose taxes.

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— July 03, 2012