Struggling to write as well as you’d like? Intimidated about making a speech or acing an interview?

Hi! I’m Kait and I’ve been there. I want to put my experience as an award-winning journalist and public speaker to work for you to help you achieve your goals in writing, public speaking and overall career success.

How does this help you?

Inspire you to act to build the life you want beyond feel-good platitudes so you can develop the skills you need to succeed. From writing seminars to public speaking coaching, we can develop a way for you to move forward together using simple and effective solutions drawn from real-life, practical experience.

Our sessions can help you:

  • Build your journalistic skills
  • Improve your writing
  • Master the art of the interview
  • Accelerate your public speaking and moderating abilities
  • Cultivate your professional profile on and offline
  • Submit a great CV and cover letter

I offer one-on-one or group sessions via Skype or in person. Each course is tailored to fit your writing, speaking and other professional needs such as CV, cover letter editing and social media feedback. Contact me to get started.

Disclaimer: Please note that sessions don’t involve access to my current or past employers nor do they imply coverage of your company, product or services.