My name is Kait Bolongaro and I am an award-winning journalist. Currently, I am the fisheries and oceans reporter at POLITICO Europe.

Prior to joining POLITICO, I worked as a freelance reporter for five years. My work has been published by Al-Jazeera English, BBC, The Guardian, NPR, VICE and the Middle East Eye. I’ve covered politics, science, business, human rights and the environment from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. I was also previously a reporter at Deutsche Welle and the politics editor at Cafébabel magazine in Paris.

In 2016, my coverage of Down Syndrome received an award for science reporting from the World Health Summit and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. I was also a fellow with the International Women’s Media Foundation reporting on politics and civic engagement in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I am also a public speaker and panel moderator. I have spoken at conferences on topics including journalism, immigration, and politics in the US, China, Canada, Norway, Italy, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

If you would have professional inquiries, please contact me via my contact page or social media.